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plant a row for the hungryIn today’s world, more people are looking to grow their own food. We too have felt the same, and every year we sponsor the HGTV “plant a row for the hungry” here at EVN. We plant a large vegetable garden, and with help from local church groups, the Food Cupboard, high school students, and anyone who wishes to help, we are able to care for and harvest over 8,000 pounds of veggies. These are delivered weekly to the Manchester Food Cupboard.


superb-herbsWith all that in mind we carry a full array of seeds and starter plants as well as almost full grown fruit and vegetable plants. In addition, we carry all you need to get them growing. And of course you can bring some of your bountiful harvest here to the nursery for sharing with the Food Cupboard.

With all the buzz these days about “outdoor rooms and kitchens,” we have expanded the array of fresh culinary herbs, mixed planters, patio and hanging edible gardens - all to add to the refreshing appeal of being oustside.