Our Roots

Welcome to our familyʼs corner of green Vermont life! Founded in 1979 by Penny & Roger Preuss, Equinox Valley Nursery was started with a small patch of land and a big dream. Today, three generations of horticulture professionals and master gardeners are to here to help you grow gardens that make your neighbors say wow! 

Growing Tradition

Roots run deep in the Equinox Valley. Just as our family nursery has seen 3 generations grow and learn to grow, so have many of our customers. Each season we welcome families & friends who have been visiting us for generations. Whether its gardening in spring and summer, cider donuts & the pumpkin patch in fall, or fresh Christmas trees, wreaths and holiday decor in winter, Equinox Valley Nursery is a magical place to grow your own traditions, and fill them with wonderful memories.

Legend of A Lilac

While you’re here, be sure to savor the Equinox Valley Lilac. This beautiful plant was re-discovered and propagated by nursery founders Roger & Penny Preuss here in Manchester more than 30 years ago. While on the grounds of a local golf course, Roger noticed an unusual lilac he’d never seen before and went on a quest to identify it. Despite an exhaustive search, he couldn’t identify it so he took the plant to botanists who, after more research and tissue culture, were also unable to determine its heritage. Roger was invited to name the lilac, which now is known worldwide as The Equinox Valley Lilac. We invite you to take one home to enjoy in your yard.

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We’re here to help you build a green oasis of memories to grow for generations!